Cliff Mountain & Mt Redfield (3 Day Hike)

Date:8/22/2010 - 8/24/2010
Hikers:Frank, Matt, Me
Peaks:Mt. Redfield (4606') (#15), Cliff Mountain (3960') (#44)
Trailhead:Heart Lake (ADK Loj)
Trip Time:3 Days, 2 Nights

Bear Canisters + No Bears = Excess Weight

Day 1

6:25 We leave my house and it just started to rain as I was waiting outside the house for everyone. As we drive north the rain continued to get heavier and heavier. We arrived at ADK Loj near 8:45. We run inside to rent our bear canister, sign in, and start assembling our packs to head to the trailhead via Heart Lake. Our quest of a 3 day hike starts at 9:30 as the rain is coming down pretty steadily. Frank and I estimated that our packs easily weighed about 42 lbs with bear canisters on.

Me, Frank, Matt