Algonquin Peak, Iroquois Peak & Wright Peak (McIntyre Range)

Hikers:Frank, Matt, Me
Peaks:Algonquin Peak (5114') (#2), Iroquois Peak (4840') (#8), Wright Peak (4580') (#16)
Trailhead:Heart Lake (ADK Loj)
Trip Time:9.5 Hours (20-30 minute break on each summit)

We left Albany at 5:30 for this trip to the Adirondacks. We were hoping to get three peaks in along the McIntyre Range. Our entry point was going to be the ADK Loj. We arrived at the Loj just before 8:00 and went inside to purchase a few items. Matt had under dressed for this hike even though he wouldn't admit to it. The high was going to 44° F with wind gust from 10-15mph so general consensus is to assume it's going to be colder on the summits. Matt purchased a winter hat to help him battle the elements and from the drive up to the ride home he wouldn't admit to being cold but if you look at the photos they would say otherwise. At 8:15 we hit the trailhead and started our hike in.

Frank, Matt, Me

Cliff Mountain & Mt Redfield (3 Day Hike)

Date:8/22/2010 - 8/24/2010
Hikers:Frank, Matt, Me
Peaks:Mt. Redfield (4606') (#15), Cliff Mountain (3960') (#44)
Trailhead:Heart Lake (ADK Loj)
Trip Time:3 Days, 2 Nights

Bear Canisters + No Bears = Excess Weight

Day 1

6:25 We leave my house and it just started to rain as I was waiting outside the house for everyone. As we drive north the rain continued to get heavier and heavier. We arrived at ADK Loj near 8:45. We run inside to rent our bear canister, sign in, and start assembling our packs to head to the trailhead via Heart Lake. Our quest of a 3 day hike starts at 9:30 as the rain is coming down pretty steadily. Frank and I estimated that our packs easily weighed about 42 lbs with bear canisters on.

Me, Frank, Matt

Rocky Peak Ridge & Giant Mtn

Hikers:Frank, Matt, Me
Peaks:Giant Mountain (4627') (#12), Rocky Peak Ridge (4420') (#20)
Trailhead:Zander Scott (Ridge Trail)
Trip Time:9.5 Hours (40 minute break on each summit)

We left Albany around 6:15 AM and headed North to Adirondack State Park. We mapped out our hike earlier in the week. This was our first hike in our quest to conquer the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks. We parked our Jeep on the side of Rt. 73 and gathered our gear together. We arrived at the Zander Scott Trailhead (formerly known as the Ridge Trail) around 8:15 AM to start our hike of Giant Mt. & Rocky Peak Ridge. The skies were clear and the temperature was around 70°.

Matt, Me, Frank

Treadway Mountain

Hikers:Frank, Me
Peaks:Treadway Mountain (2248')
Trailhead:South end of Putnam Pond
Trip Time:3.5 hrs (30 minutes break on summit)

Frank and I decided to venture on a hike near Putnam Pond that my father had done over Fathers day weekend. My father cut off two miles of flat ground hiking by having us drop them off on the other side of Putnam Pond with the fishing boat. So my brother drove Frank and me over to the Putnam Pond boat trailhead around 11:30. We had both recently purchased hydration packs and those were very rewarding to have on this hike where the temperature was in the high 70's F.

Me and Frank with Putnam Pond in the background

Buck Mountain

Hikers:Frank, Mike (Dad), Me
Peaks:Buck Mountain (2334')
Trailhead:Pilot Knob
Trip Time:3.75 hrs (30 minute break on summit)

We left Lake Luzerne around 11:45 and head over to the Pilot Knob trailhead of Buck Mountain. Frank and I view the hike as a warm up to our quest in hiking the 46 high peaks. We arrived at the trailhead around 12:00, Frank signed us in and we began our ascent of Buck Mountain.

Buck Mountain Trailhead sign