Treadway Mountain

Hikers:Frank, Me
Peaks:Treadway Mountain (2248')
Trailhead:South end of Putnam Pond
Trip Time:3.5 hrs (30 minutes break on summit)

Frank and I decided to venture on a hike near Putnam Pond that my father had done over Fathers day weekend. My father cut off two miles of flat ground hiking by having us drop them off on the other side of Putnam Pond with the fishing boat. So my brother drove Frank and me over to the Putnam Pond boat trailhead around 11:30. We had both recently purchased hydration packs and those were very rewarding to have on this hike where the temperature was in the high 70's F.

Me and Frank with Putnam Pond in the background

Within the first couple minutes of the hike we cross a log bridge and passed a small stream. Already 2 minutes in and the scenery has a lot to offer. We were 2.2 miles from the summit. The trail was well maintained and had an easy grade to it.

Frank surfing the bridge

The trees surrounding the trail provided enough shade to keep the late morning sun away. The trail at times was like a small roller coaster going up and down, up and down. Nothing strenuous but enough to make us think that starting off at about 1300’ and getting to the 2248’ might take a little bit longer than we thought.

Treadway Mountain Trail

The trail turns into a few small scrambles and some high stepping from rock to rock. We arrived at a false summit but since you can see the actual summit from here you shouldn’t be fooled.

Me on one of the scrambles

From this view point the summit may look far away but 10 minutes later at 1:00 were on the summit of Treadway Mountain.

Me and Frank on Treadway Summit

Treadway is covered with quartz that adds some nice color. With views of Pharaoh Lake, Vermont and the Adirondack High Peak regions Treadway has a lot to offer.

Pharaoh Lake from Treadway Mtn

Our hike out was a little bit different. We hiked back down to our drop off point and decided to hike the rest of the way out back to the campgrounds. We headed around Putnam Pond and ended out in the boat launch parking lot. We returned to camp at 3:15 and thought we would definitely do this hike again in the near future.

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